Become A Member Of The U.S.E.C.A.

The United States Elite Coaches Association for Women's Gymnastics is a non-profit organization for coaches devoted to the progress of elite and age group level gymnastics in America.


  • Regularly scheduled meetings at USA Gymnastics Congress.
  • Representation on the USA Gymnastics Advisory Council and other USA Gymnastics Committees.
  • A major voice and influence on the rules, policies and decisions that govern and affect our age group gymnasts and coaches.
  • Regular communication with members a major goal of USECA is to keep YOU informed on elite level gymnastics and its relationship with all levels of gymnastics.
  • The USECA Journal published 8-10 times per year is recognized as a primary source of information in the gymnastics community. Contains information concerning training, biomechanics, statistical research equipment, psychological preparations, nutrition, strength programs, film analysis, reports on training camps, congress materials and more!
  • Videos material provided by our Video Chairman, including domestic and international apparatus training methods, element techniques, choreography, educational symposiums. A minimum of 8-10 Video Bundles (2 videos per bundle -16 to 20 total) per year! Previously issued selections may be ordered at minimal cost.
  • Research material a large portion of our yearly budget is devoted to providing grants for specific research projects of special interest to our members.

Individual Membership

Membership for one (1) individual member - Includes 10 online Journals and 8 to 10 online Video Bundles (2 videos per bundle - 16 to 20 total) per year. It also includes a USECA Member Shirt and calligraphy USECA Membership Certificate

Yearly membership $270

Club Membership

Membership for one (1 facility) Gymnastic Clubs—Includes 10 online Journals and 8 to 10 online Video Bundles per year. Membership allows multiple log-ins to the USECA web page containing the journals and videos. This allows the coaches of your club to have their own log-in to avoid sharing passwords. Log-ins may be added or closed if coaches join or leave your club. All emails (for each separate log-in) must have the same domain name. This membership also includes 2 USECA Member Shirts calligraphy USECA Membership Certificate (may order more shirts at additional cost).

Yearly membership $369

Educational Materials

Educational Materials to help you become a better coach and to help with your gymnastics business.

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