Individual Membership

Membership for one (1) individual member - Includes 10 online Journals and 8 to 10 online Video Bundles (2 videos per bundle – 16 to 20 total) per year. It also includes a USECA Member Shirt and calligraphy USECA Membership Certificate

Yearly membership $270

Club Membership

Membership for one (1 facility) Gymnastic Clubs—Includes 10 online Journals and 8 to 10 online Video Bundles per year. Membership allows multiple log-ins to the USECA web page containing the journals and videos. This allows the coaches of your club to have their own log-in to avoid sharing passwords. Log-ins may be added or closed if coaches join or leave your club. All emails (for each separate log-in) must have the same domain name. This membership also includes 2 USECA Member Shirts calligraphy USECA Membership Certificate (may order more shirts at additional cost).

Yearly membership $369

Educational Materials

Educational Materials to help you become a better coach and to help with your gymnastics business.

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