What do you think?

Jun 28, 2018

I have just returned from Level 10 Nationals in Fort Worth. I am continually impressed by the level of difficulty and execution especially in the younger age groups. As soon as I walked into the meet I saw a JR A ROCK an Amanar on Vault. Then I watched another girls throw a nice Counter Kim from a toe on. I was happy to see more gymnasts using twisting skills in their floor routines as well.

While at Nationals I was able to sit down and speak to some of our members and the challenges ahead. We are all excited by the new look and feel of the website. Mike has worked pretty hard for the last couple of months to get it out there. This is a huge change that includes the ability to stream videos. There will be some adjustments and somethings we need to work through. 

After speaking to so many people I have come to realize what USECA needs to be. We are an organization consisting of the BEST gymnastics minds in the country. We are the experts. Anyone with an iPhone and a youtube account can call themselves an expert. But it is our members and contributors who have put in the years of work. I want to be a gymnastics professionals FIRST stop when looking for a drill or article to solve a problem .