Changing Gymnastics Culture:

Changing Gymnastics Culture:

Gymnastics finds itself in one of the darkest points in its history. Turmoil has engulfed the world of gymnastics in the last year as heartbreaking stories of abuse, corruption, toxic training culture, questionable training methods, and wildly misguided morals have poured into the mainstream media. Because of my involvement in gymnastics as a former gymnast, and current medical provider/coach, hundreds of people have contacted me asking for my opinion about the issues surfacing in the media about gymnastics. Many people have asked me about the stories of abuse, gymnastics culture as a whole, the training methods being used, and what I feel like should be done to help the sport. 

I have intentionally remained silent in the last year, starting in the summer of 2017, only observing the events as they unfolded in mainstream news and social media. I did not so not to avoid the challenging and uncomfortable conversations that I know needed to occur. I have so much respect for the people who are speaking up and speaking out against those who must be held accountable for their terrible actions. I wish swift justice is served to anyone who abused their position of power to hurt young men or women involved in gymnastics. 

The truth is, I took my time to fully think about and research the reasons I feel gymnastics is in such a dark time period. I took all of my experience, researched these concepts in the scientific literature, and then formulated all of my thoughts in the book. I am happy to say that after much work, the book is finally finished, published, and ready for the gymnastics community to read. 

I am giving the book away via email opt in for security reasons. If you are receiving this email, you don't need to opt in again. Below you will find the Dropbox Link to download the book, completely free. However, in the effort to help the gymnastics community, and spread the message about how we can improve the sport, I would really appreciate it if you headed over to the SHIFT blog, or SHIFT social media, and shared the announcement with your community. Here is the blog post link,