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Welcome the Elite Gymnastics Journal

The United States Elite Coaches Association for Women's Gymnastics (USECA) is an organization for coaches devoted to the progress of elite and age group level gymnastics in America. Members enjoy the benefits of regularly scheduled meetings at USA Gymnastics Congress, representation on the USA Gymnastics Advisory Council (with two votes) and on other USAG Committees, a major voice and influence on the rules, policies and decisions that govern and affect our age group gymnasts and coaches, regular communication with members (a major goal of USECA is to keep you informed on elite level gymnastics and its relationship with all levels of gymnastics). Members also receive the USECA Journal published to the web 8 - 10 times per year and 8 to 10 online Video Bundles (2 videos er bundle – 16 to 20 total) per year, recognized as a primary source of information in the gymnastics community.

Recent products

  • This service is for USECA Members only.  See a Web video that you want a mailed DVD copy for your library, this for you.  Purchase is for one volume which includes two DVDs (A and B) 

  • Addtional charge to membership for having copies or the Videos on DVD and mailed to you.  This is for a full year of videos. Must have a paid membership.

  • Addtional charge to membership for having paper copies of each of the year's Journals mailed to you. (all 10 Journals mailed). Must have a paid membership.